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Search for '(cortisol OR aldosterone) AND subject:metabolic' in 'all pathways' in 'Homo sapiens' returned 3 results


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  • Matched Description: steroid. Some of these desired steroids include cortisol, corticoids, testosterone, estrogens … , aldosterone and progesterone. To begin the synthesis of steroid hormones, cholesterol synthesizes a … aldosterone. 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone is created from pregnenolone by using 3-beta-hydroxysteroid … production of 11-deoxycortisol. CYP11B1 quickly converts 11-deoxycortisol to cortisol. Cortisol is an … pathway such as testosterone and estrogen. Cortisol receptors are found in almost every bodily cell, so
  • Matched Compounds: AldosteroneCortisol
  • Matched Protein Synonyms: Aldosterone synthase … Aldosterone-synthesizing enzyme … Aldosterone synthase … Aldosterone-synthesizing enzyme
  • Matched Compound Synonyms: (+)-aldosterone … D-aldosterone … Delta-aldosteroneAldosteroneCortisol alcohol
  • SMP0145335

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    Cortisol Drug Metabolism Pathway

  • Matched Compounds: Cortisol
  • Matched Compound Synonyms: Cortisol alcohol … Cortisol alcohol
  • SMP0000023

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    Steroid Biosynthesis

  • Matched Description: such as cortisol), salt balance (mineralocorticoids such as aldosterone), and sexual development and … The steroid biosynthesis (or cholesterol biosynthesis) pathway is an anabolic metabolic pathway